what is self-care, anyway?

crop faceless overwhelmed black man covering face against wall
Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

Self care – this comes up a lot in a therapy process. But what does this actually mean? Sure, the obligatory day of pampering like a manicure or a massage, a special food or drink indulgence, or maybe a shopping trip. These are great pick-me-ups! But self-care really can mean so much more than these things. Self-care can bring life to self respect and positive beliefs about yourself. It might mean creating distance for yourself within a toxic relationship so that others can see that although they are important to you, you won’t be taken advantage of or tolerate bad behavior. It might mean being assertive with others, rather than being passive. It might mean giving voice to your values, likes/dislikes, or opinions. It might mean taking time to develop or grow your spiritual life or connection with your faith beliefs. I invite you to let this kind of self-care process bloom into thoughts like, “I am worth being treated well.” “What I think and feel are important.” So, take care of yourself today; embrace your inner well-being. Look within and decide what you need to be a better version of yourself, knowing that it’s much more than care of your outer layer. You might be amazed at what you find!

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