EMDR Intensive Program

Our EMDR Intensive Program offers mindful and intentional efficiency in reprocessing distressing or traumatic memories or experiences. In traditional weekly 50-60 minute therapy sessions, time is needed in the beginning of the session to reevaluate the work done in the previous session as well as to check in about symptoms, insights or experiences that occurred between sessions.  Additionally, time is needed at the end of the session to close with grounding and stabilization after processing negative material.  This leaves about 30 minutes of time to really work on processing trauma or distressing material.  EMDR Intensives offer clients solid, uninterrupted time to accomplish more work at a time, without the added focus of the daily life events that inevitably occur leading to a faster healing process and ending the session with less physical and emotional distress.

What can I expect to gain from the EMDR Intensive Program?

Certainly, you can expect to come away with increased positive beliefs about yourself, increased ability to manage negative thoughts and feelings, increased felt sense of internal strength, and a reduced negative response to triggers/stimuli.  Depending on the complexity of your experience(s), you may not require any further EMDR work if your distress is lowered to a degree that supports improved functioning.  

What issues or symptoms can be addressed with the EMDR Intensive Program?


How long is the EMDR Intensive Program & what is the cost?

**Insurance is not accepted for the EMDR Intensive Program.