Best of Plainview 2022

Erin Evanson-Lass Receives 2022 Best of Plainview Award Plainview Award Program Honors the Achievement PLAINVIEW October 6, 2022 -- Erin Evanson-Lass has been selected for the 2022 Best of Plainview Award in the Social Worker category by the Plainview Award Program. Each year, the Plainview Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional … Continue reading Best of Plainview 2022

Peace Work

The most basic kind of peace work.  To know that you could even engage in peace work at its most grassroots level with just a smile – that’s a thought.  This makes me think a little about how just the word peace is quite multifaceted really; it is layered by the beholder and not easily summarized, and … Continue reading Peace Work

Share your strength

A common theme I notice among those recovering from trauma is the ability to share their newfound strength with others who are suffering. For most, it is hard to reconcile with the idea that trauma even happened in the first place, let alone to find purpose in it. Especially for those who have faith beliefs … Continue reading Share your strength

We welcome your reviews!

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There are some things that I absolutely love about the work I do. One of them is that I tend to hear myself saying this word quite often during my sessions in ways like, "Absolutely you've felt that way." "Absolutely you responded like that!" And as therapy continues and my clients make progress, I notice … Continue reading Absolutely…


Sharla Knippa, LPC! We are so excited to announce that Sharla has joined Waypoints Counseling and is now accepting new Clients! She brings joy and excitement to this practice, and is eager to meet you! Currently, she is in network with FirstCare Commercial insurance plans and Optum, and is listed as out of network for … Continue reading Introducing…

what is self-care, anyway?

Photo by Alex Green on Self care - this comes up a lot in a therapy process. But what does this actually mean? Sure, the obligatory day of pampering like a manicure or a massage, a special food or drink indulgence, or maybe a shopping trip. These are great pick-me-ups! But self-care really can … Continue reading what is self-care, anyway?

Yes, I’m a therapist…and i make mistakes.

I am a therapist.  I am human. I make mistakes as my clients do.  Many times they teach me ways to manage life when it gets difficult!  And I honor that- that I can learn from people who come to me for help.  I have often said, “Oh yes, I live in the same world … Continue reading Yes, I’m a therapist…and i make mistakes.

Moments with tea

Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy. You know, we don't always agree with one another. We may not even like one another. But that doesn't have to mean that we can't be compassionate and kind. I try to remember the meaning of Namaste in my practice, that the divine exists in both you … Continue reading Moments with tea