Yes, I’m a therapist…and i make mistakes.

I am a therapist.  I am human. I make mistakes as my clients do.  Many times they teach me ways to manage life when it gets difficult!  And I honor that- that I can learn from people who come to me for help.  I have often said, “Oh yes, I live in the same world … Continue reading Yes, I’m a therapist…and i make mistakes.

Moments with tea

Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy. You know, we don't always agree with one another. We may not even like one another. But that doesn't have to mean that we can't be compassionate and kind. I try to remember the meaning of Namaste in my practice, that the divine exists in both you … Continue reading Moments with tea


Let me introduce to you our Administrative Assistant, Kyle Sumner. You may have spoken to Kyle, and if you have, I'm sure you can testify that he is kind, patient, easy to talk to, and efficient. He has been on staff for a few months now, and has just been an amazing addition to the … Continue reading Introducing…

Waypoints counseling earns readers’ choice award

I am happy to announce that Waypoints Counseling is “Award Winning!” A very special and humble THANK YOU to all who voted! Erin Evanson-Lass, LCSW accepted the 2019 Silver Reader’s Choice Award for her work.  Waypoints Counseling wishes to clarify that although Erin was voted Best In Psychiatry, she provides therapy services for mental health issues, … Continue reading Waypoints counseling earns readers’ choice award

Meet Maria

Maria E. Soto, LMSW Hello!  I am Maria E. Soto, a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).  I have ten years of professional experience assisting individuals and families with all aspects of their psychosocial wellbeing.  As a therapist, I find that the concept of self and guiding Clients in answering the question, “Who am I?” is essential in the … Continue reading Meet Maria